Unrealistic Portrayal of Sex in Media

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Television, movies, music, magazines, and the Internet constantly portray sex unrealistically. The media advertises sex, but rarely promotes healthy sexual behavior (sex, sexuality..). Due to the lack of parental guidance, adolescents turn to the media to teach them about sex. Adolescents take their image very seriously and will do anything to be popular and cool- even if it means subjecting themselves to the views and standards that the media has set. On average, adolescents spend twelve hours per week watching television. 70% of teen television shows mention sex and only 10% of those shows talk about the risks and responsibilities that come along with sexual behavior (sex, sexuality). Shows like Jersey Shore, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, The Real World, and 16 and Pregnant target adolescents as viewers. These shows, along with a list of others, glamorize getting drunk and having sex with strangers. Teens that do not have adult guidance may think that this behavior is natural and safe when it is the complete opposite. These shows also promote promiscuous sex, drug and alcohol induced sex, casual sex and friends with benefits. Too much exposure to these kinds of shows can speed up the sexual initiation and early pregnancy (sex and sexuality). “Friends with benefits” is described as friends engaging in sexual activities without being in a monogamous relationship or without commitment to each other (journal of sex). This idea has become more and more common in
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