Essay about Unreasonable Searches By Police Are Illegal

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No one should be searched without a good reason and warrant. People should have the right of privacy- it is important to them. It is ethical for police to have search warrants before searching a person’s personal belongings. There have been recent conflicts on police powers over the pass years. Police are disobeying the fourth amendment by searching illegally. Critics frown upon police, while supporters agree with the police. Being searched without a permit is unconstitutional, and police could take advantage of their power, and abuse it. It makes US citizens feel less secure and safe. Citizens need to be guaranteed rights as long as they behave.
Neighborhoods do not benefit because if the police seize this power of going into a
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The Supreme Court decided “Yes. In a 5-4 opinion delivered by Justice Clarence Thomas, the Court held that, because the policy reasonably serves the School District’s important interest in detecting and preventing drug use among its students, it is constitutional. The Court reasoned that the Board of Education’s general regulation of extracurricular activities diminished the expectation of privacy among students and that the Board’s method of obtaining urine samples and maintaining test results was minimally intrusive on the students’ limited privacy interests.” ( A drug test invades U.S citizen’s privacy, and prevents people from going to after school activities. If one of the students at Earl’s school was sick, they would need to take prescription drugs to help them get better. If they have urine samples, they could not participate in after school activities. This means that the school has no right to see if their students are doing drugs or not. The school did not have a permit, so Earl’s 4th amendment was violated twice. Even though that the Supreme Court decision was against Earls, many people believe that the ruling violated his 4th amendment because the tests could prevent Earls from going to after school activities because if he is sick, he needs to take medicine.Therefore, the drug tests were supposed to violate
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