Unsolved Murder of Jonbenet Ramsey

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The Terrible Murder of a Little Girl Named JonBenet On Christmas 1996

Is It Possible That Mom Was the Killer

6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey had no idea that Christmas of 1996 would be her

last, possibly not even her murderer. Sometimes people lose control of situations and act

out of rage. Things happen that aren’t meant to and in a panic we do our best to cover

things up to avoid the consequences.

On the night of December 25, 1996 the Ramsey family went to a Christmas party.

The Ramsey’s had planned to leave the city of Boulder, Colorado to fly to Michigan the

following day. Patsy Ramsey put JonBenet and her brother, Burke, to bed and went to

finish packing for the trip. The following morning at 5:45 a.m.
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Despite instructions from the ransom note, Patsy Ramsey immediately called

friends and family to come aid her in her time of distress. The ransom note clearly stated

that “any deviation of their instructions would result in JonBenet being beheaded”. The

instructions were not to contact anybody yet she ignored it. If Patsy Ramsey did not know

that her daughter had already been dead she would have chose to be more discreet and

followed the instructions of the ransom note more closely.

John and Patsy stated that 10-year-old Burke never woke up until after police

arrived. Later in the investigation police learned from listening to the 911 call that Burke

was awake and had asked “What did you find” prior to Patsy hanging up the phone

(Thomas). Before police could ask Burke any questions the Ramsey’s sent him over to a

family friends home. This was prior to the body being found. If the Ramsey’s thought

their daughter had been kidnapped then why would they send their 10-year-old son away

from police protection and out of their own sight? Wouldn’t a parent be worried that the

kidnappers might try to take him also? The home of a family friend would not be safer

than police protection nor away from the parent’s sight.

Julie Beavers pointed out that DNA that was found on the body was that of an

unknown male. The Boulder City Police were not prepared
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