Untenable Faith

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Respond to the following quotation: “The Holocaust shows not only that religious faith is untenable but also that life is absurd. A powerful and loving God could not create a world in which such events are possible. Religion is wishful thinking -- ‘Fear created the first gods’ (Caecilius Statius, 2nd c. BCE). Moreover, life itself contradicts the most basic of human aspirations: to live without suffering and cruelty.” Etty herself discusses these issues, so in responding be sure to show that you know how Etty would reply to this kind of position.

Taking into account the Holocaust and all of the other suffering that some groups of people have inflicted on others, an argument could easily be made to show that religious faith is
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It is also the same argument people have for whatever trials and tribulations life brings someone. Why would God do this to happen to me? I have heard this question, or something like it, more times than I can remember. I don’t think that it is God doing these things as much as He is letting them happen. He does this in order for people to use them as learning experiences and to grow. This gives us the inner strength to overcome whatever comes along and to help others that are less fortunate so that they can also survive.
Etty also believed this and that is why she kept her diary and wrote the letters. They were to inform and educate others on what was going on so that the light would shine on it. She also kept her faith in God all the way through till the end because she knew that he had given her the strength and was still with her even though he would not interfere. Others also believed that hardships and cruelty that created suffering are a part of life and should be learning experiences. That is why all of her diaries and letters were saved and eventually published into a book. This book has given us a pretty accurate description as to what went on in this horrible period of our existence. Hopefully it will be a learning tool for the world in order to not allow this kind of atrocity to happen again.

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