Unti 12 Nvq Level 3 Health and Social Care

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NVQ level 3 unit 12

Outcome 1

a) diversity is the differences between people based on culture, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, race, religion, beliefs, age, ability, sexual orientation etc.
b) equality is giving everyone equal opportunities and treating everyone fairly but not the same.
c) inclusion is including everyone in the activity and not leaving anyone out.
d) discrimination is being prejudice about certain factors of someone's life such as gender, sexual orientation, race etc. This means that people use these factors against individuals so that they do not get the job they applied for or are treated poorly etc.

The potential effects of discrimination include low self-esteem, low confidence etc. Individuals
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You need to ensure that your own interactions with the clients show respect to their beliefs, cultures, values and preferences.

Inclusive practice is different from practice which excludes an individual as it involves everyone as much as possible. For example an activity may have been planned in a residential home so that certain people were unable to take part due to certain characteristics in their lives.

Outcome 3
There are several ways to challenge discrimination in the working environ,net while promoting change. If you are in a residential home you could have pictures and posters put up. Your manager could do a number of spot checks, reviews etc. There are also meetings that can be held.

There are many ways to raise awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion. In a particular setting your manager could arrange seminars on the matters, or have staff meetings etc. There could also be training set up for these specific reasons etc.

To support others to promote diversity, equality and inclusion you could get the manager to arrange seminars and meetings on the subject. You could also try to get the manager to arrange some training sessions to include these

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