Until Gmt By Luis Montalvan

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n the novel Until Tuesday by Luis Montalvan, the author faces numerous struggles during the times he was fighting and the times he was facing PTSD. Throughout the hardships of dealing with PTSD, Luis felt betrayed in many different aspects through his experiences. Luis feels betrayed due to the fact that the media was portraying false ideas and didn 't let Luis take action, the unfair treatment he dealt with in his own country and that his parents did not help nor accept him back even though he needed help. Luis throughout the novel wrote about the difficulties of coping with PTSD and the responses he got after coming back from Iraq was something he knew he did not deserve. People ranging from everyday citizens to his parents, all treated him in a tough manner and had no understanding of what he is dealing with. While Luis was still fighting Iraq, the media has put out fake images and ideas of the war to the public. The media showed that the war in Iraq is going extremely well and that the US has a plan and they are going to win. While the media was portraying those ideas, the war was not going well for the soldiers actually fighting in it. Luis seeing these lies being put out to the public made him want to express his ideas and what really the war is really like in Iraq. This got him in trouble with the generals and commanders who did not want Luis to publicize the truth. One of them stated “We don’t need that kind of publicity…Keep it positive from now on.” (Montalvan,…

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