Until Sometime Before 1500 A.D., European Civilizations

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Until sometime before 1500 A.D., European civilizations were less technologically advanced than Eastern civilizations, e.g. China. Such Eastern countries were well into what Tonio Andrade terms “the Gunpowder Age”. Modernization succeeds this age and sometime before 1500 A.D., Western civilizations gained Eastern military technology and fitted it to push them ahead in warfare and in turn, modernity. A trend in modernity in European states is an advancement of war and the accompanying technology. In looking at the 19th century, those countries that are perceived as “modern” are far ahead in war technology than those countries perceived as “pre-modern”. An example of such modernity exists in Britain in their military might. Contrasting…show more content…
As army sizes grew, strategies advanced, and technology grew with it. Artillery became the focus rather than sheer man power and strategies evolved to direct assault to attrition. Long range cannons became the standard and the seas were European dominated. Navies shifted from having light guns on their ships of larger numbers to heavier ships with heavier and deadlier guns, allowing for sturdier ships and more firepower. Thus, the West moved ahead in power and grew to dominate the Eastern countries. Specific case studies prove the domination of West over East and in turn, prove that modernity rested on military might. Britain is an excellent example and most often cited to prove the West’s military strength. The British grew to such power because of their evolution from the basics of European technological evolution. The British armies were uniform and unchanging no matter where in the world they were located. They were heavily emphatic on discipline. This worked in their favor, especially in India when recruiting members of the Untouchable castes to fight. They wre able to transform menial workers into decent soldiers, and exemplified by the Mazbhis. The Mazbhis were a Sikh group of Untouchables that were recruited after the Sepoy Mutiny. Through strict discipline and attachment to high-caste battalions, they became a vital portion of the British army in India. In addition to

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