Until the End of Time

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Until the End of Time When people are experiencing life they tend to imagine someone else alongside of them who’s there to grow old with them; sometimes things work out differently, but all and all there is usually someone that people envision their lives with. In Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s short story “The Mortal Immortal,” the main character Winzy, who was Cornelius Agrippa’s pupil, has tried to win the hand of his beloved Bertha multiple times and has failed just as many. Bertha and Winzy played a cat and mouse game for a few years; of chasing each other around and going back and forth of wanting each other, but Winzy’s love for Bertha was always strong and true. One obstacle they faced came to fruition when Bertha was adopted and became a part of a higher social class. Bertha’s new found wealth eventually led to tension between Bertha and Winzy; and also Bertha gets upset at the fact that Winzy wasn’t able to meet her in the woods, because he was helping Cornelius watch the “philter” (Shelley 989), which can “cure love” (989), so Cornelius could get some sleep. After Cornelius had closed his eyes and Wizny’s brain began to travel; and a spark snapped him back to reality and causing Winzy to drink Cornelius’ potion. The potion that Winzy drank was more of a curse—the concoction changed his life forever by making him immortal. Shelley shares how his immortality has had a drastic effect on himself as well as those close to him; and how immortality has manipulated his

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