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In The Medium Is the Message by Marshall McLuhan, he explores new media in its most original, basic and pure way as an object, furthermore, he use the idea of the medium itself carries the message rather than the message, furthermore, to analyze how new media influence in the society. At the end, McLuhan explain the role of broadcast television (as a new medium) and how television itself become a “fixed charge” in people’s day-to-day living which we simply cannot live without it. (Marshall McLuhan 1962, p.209) Base on Mcluhan’s notion of how a medium formed in the past, if the idea still apply to the mass communication media nowaday as the media themselves shape the society regardless of the content it carries, or there is a new relation…show more content…
As the time goes by, the technology become cheaper and available to the general public, therefore more and more developers start to develop game to fulfill the need as an entertainment purpose. Another argument mentioned by Raymond Williams’s: The media are used by an order of society to manipulate others to further its own agenda. This position states that if a specific technology such as television did not exist, this higher hierarchy group would find another way to influence or control the masses. There was a time when all political groups support their own television station financially and there were only two to three channels on television. Due to the political group owns the television channel, the group have the control of the programs and the commercials, they repeatedly broadcast to emphasize their political need and achieve their political agendas, and then carry out those messages to the public during the election period. There are always political commercial right after a popular program, so the population been fed with all the positive side of the particular party. Nowadays, just the news channels alone, there is a wide variety to choose from that can be fulfill the needs of the society and even individuals. We have the privilege to choose different media for receiving the messages, and since we can choose from all kinds of media, we are no longer blinded by the messages. We are even allow to interact almost in real time, therefore,
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