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Mamie White 523 words 9100 St. Charles Rock Road St. Louis, MO 63114 (314) 493-6100 The Untold Story of a Sidekick by Mamie Lights flash in my face. The whole city has come down to the town hall to see the great hero who saved the day once again. Cameras, microphones, and news reporters fill the streets like a gang of rats who discovered cheese for the first time. They all push, shove, and fight to get a simple glimpse of the prized hero, who stopped the biggest diamond heist theif, Ice Joker. My heart swells at all the love felt throughout the city because I can’t believe I was apart of taking down one of the most dangerous villains to grace “Iris City”. You may…show more content…
The crowd became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. “Onyx isn’t now nor will he ever be a sidekick. He’s my best friend.” he shouts. “It’s ok Scorpio.” I timidly respond “ONYX! ONYX! SINCE YOU’RE SO CLOSE TO THE BLACK SCORPION WOULD YOU EVER REVEAL HIS TRUE IDENTITY TO US!” “Ha.Ha.Ha. You see keeping his identity is the key to capturing numerous of villains. I personally created his suit with my very own secret formula giving it the strength to withstand any battle, therefore his identity will never be known.” I confidently respond “Does he have any weaknesses Onyx, perhaps women.” a young woman flirtatiously asks. The crowd breaks into a fit of laughter. “No not women. Maybe the occasional..” I said being interrupted by Silverstone “Sorry people but this interview must come to a close.” Silverstone announces. The crowd sighs unpleased by his announcement. “The city is still in danger and we must let Black Scorpion get back to the GOJ headquarters.” he explains I can still hear Scorpio’s name being cheered throughout the city as we board the private jet to meet the rest of the crew at the
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