Untreated Syphilis

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Tuskegee’s study of untreated syphilis is a notorious clinical study that was initiated in 1932 and ended in 1972. This study was initiated by the US Public Health Department and performed by the government physicians. The main purpose of this study was to assess the natural progression of the untreated syphilis. They included 399 men who had syphilis and 201 men who hadn’t have syphilis. Initially the study started to treat the syphilis, but even after there was no enough budget, they didn’t stop the study. The physicians had promised that the study participants were given free treatment of the syphilis but the fact was that the physicians and “US Public Health Department” were assessing the progression of the syphilis and not giving the treatment to the participants. Participants were unaware about this clinical research. In addition to this, participants were told about insurance, but they hadn’t been provided insurance.
The study participants were African American from the Macon County, Alabama and most of the participants were poor. According to me, one cannot take advantage of the race, religion, sexuality, age, gender differences in any research study. In this study, the lives of the Negro males’ health were prejudiced just because they were unable to protest themselves because of poverty.
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According to me, this is the horrible example of the unethical practice. The predilection for race was proven to be ineffective in syphilis, but, even after knowing this fact, they didn’t stop the research and continued the research with the same guidelines and intention. After the funding was lost for the treatment, they were never notified the participants that they would not be treated. According to me, after knowing that there is no significant difference in races for the syphilis, they should have stopped the research and treat the participants with the
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