Unusual Languages of the World

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Define pidgin and creole and explain the difference between them.
Pidgins and creoles are both languages that occur when two people of different languages are communicating (p.232). In order to define a pidgin, it is important to look at the process in which a pidgin develops. When contact between speakers of two different languages occurs and they begin to create ways of communication through words and phrases, pre-pidgin is developing. A pidgin develops as a new language when the original group or several groups of people begin using the pre-pidgin to communicate as the common language. The pidgin is then being used as the lingua franca (p. 233). Depending on the use of the language, there is also a restricted pidgin and expanded pidgin. Restricted pidgin is only used when necessary for communication and typically has small vocabulary and little grammar. Expanded pidgin is a pidgin that is used everyday and in different entities such as religion or the government. This type of pidgin has an expanded vocabulary and grammar. On the other hand, a creole is a pidgin that children learn and use as their first language. With children learn the language as their first, it will expand to community usage. Gramatics are much more complex in a creole as is the vocabulary of the language (p.234). There are differences between a pidgin and creole that can be defined. A pidgin is spoken between people of different languages with less vocabulary and…
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