Unusual Weather Conditions in Round Rock, Texas Essay

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The weather report calls for below normal temperatures reaching into the low teens with a freezing rain snow mixture. The stores are packed and everyone is scrambling to buy supplies. Every gas station is out of bread, milk and fire wood. A bag of side walk salt cannot be found anywhere. This may be something that you deal with every winter. This type of weather may not be a big deal, or anything to cause panic where you live. But, where I live, this type of weather is a huge deal. We very rarely have to cope with bad weather. We like it that way! In Round Rock, Texas, the average high temperature during the winter is sixty-one degrees while the average low is thirty-seven degrees (Monthly Weather, 2014). It is not uncommon even in the…show more content…
The deicer is a brown liquid containing magnesium chloride, which, when applied correctly, keeps ice from forming on surfaces. Problems arise when it is not applied correctly. That same morning, police began to receive reports of cars slipping and sliding on the frontage roads and highway ramps. KVUE television station reports that “Officers on the scene told KVUE that between 6 a.m. and 11 a.m. Thursday they saw more than a dozen people fishtail” (KVUE, 2014). This does not seem like an unusual report for winter weather. It is common for drivers to lose control of their vehicle when driving on ice. The problem with all of these accidents is that they were reported before the ice arrived. The police believe that the deicing agent applied to prevent the roads from becoming slick, is what turned them into an ice rink. It was not cold enough to actually have ice on the roads. The temperatures rising to near fifty degrees, did not allow the deicer to set up properly. The Austin Police Department warned drivers that the liquid deicer was as slippery as ice and causing accidents (Grisales, 2014). However, DPS was not as quick to agree. They stated that there was no confirmation that a liquid used to treat the roads caused the early morning crashes and that they had not noticed any problems with the application of the product. Regardless of what DPS said, Austin is not the only city to have a problem with the deicing agent applied to road ways

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