Unveiling Truths of Occupied Palestine Essay

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Society’s prenotions and judgments of individual nationalities are ever changing. Ask an Israeli and a Palestinian about their thoughts of one another and the distinctions may be alarming. In recent times, when an Israeli hears the word “Palestinian” many negative connotations may come flooding to mind. The word “Palestinian” often evokes strong images; images such as stone throwers, rebels, terrorists, and above all, a menace to Israel. Ask a Palestinian about an Israeli, and the thoughts may be of militant brutality, people oppressors, and ultimately land stealers. But where do these negative paintings come from? And who is the artist? Do connotations held by the majority constitute absolute truth, or any truth for that matter? The…show more content…
Based on this law, there is a clear breach due to the existence of settlements and outpost in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and Gaza. “Settlements” are Jewish only communities that Israel established after 1967. As of today there are approximately 120 and growing.( Levs, 1) Tovah Lazaroff from the Jerusalem Post stated commented on one such settlement of Ofra that “A master plan for the settlement of 3,400 people was never approved and as such its buildings are considered unauthorized. The settlement’s situation is particularly complicated because many of the homes are situated on land that is privately owned by Palestinians” (Lazaroff, 1). Settlers pay Israelis up to $20,000 to move into settlements. Roads are built on land for settlers; these roads are prohibiting to Palestinians. Restricted Movement Movement in Palestine has been becoming increasingly restricted. These restrictions have occurred through the creation of countless checkpoints, installments of roadblocks, construction of isolating walls, and ever-growing settlement connecting roads. Dividing land and decelerating movement among Palestinians has ultimately resulted in debilitating the Palestinian economy and compelling Palestinians to flee or turn to resistance methods. (Bornstein, 106) While these

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