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This is a love story between a palace woman named Unyoung and a poetry prodigy named Kim Chinsa. Throughout this tale we see many people trying to help Kim and Unyoung be together or at least meet up without the prince finding out. The list of people includes the palace women, a Shaman woman, a man servant, and other small characters. However, no matter what this group of people did in the end; Unyoung still killed herself, which also later on caused Kim to do the same. Even though they were still able to meet again as ghosts. The question that keeps coming up in this tale is: could there have been alternate versions of Unyoung -jon? Because there were certain parts of the story that could have made an alternate ending. This would have concluded…show more content…
She knew the fate of the couple after she asked the spirits, but she did nothing to stop the event from happening. The women even helped the couple by being the secret massager for the two. In the beginning the woman, much like Charan, could have tried to stop Kim by refusing to be the massager or by being tricky and do something to the letters. If she did this, then maybe the two wouldn’t be died at the end of the story. One would thing that she should have told Kim that he should leave Unyoung alone. On the other hand, it kind of makes sense that she would try to hurt Unyoung and Kim for the trouble that Kim had put her through by making her think he was there for more than spiritual help. Then again she could have been just doing her job and decided not to intervene in a way to stop the coming events and let it play out likes its suppose to. Especially since he now knew the outcome of continually trying to have a relationship with Unyoung. So, it could be said that what caused the deaths at the end of the story has less to do with the couples themselves, but more about the those who helped them. There were many chances in this story for these helpers to stop and reevaluate what they are doing. This is because the tale of Unyoung seems to only progress with the minor characters doing everything for the couple. However, it might be harsh to critique such an old story, but the author leaves so many holes where events could have changed depending on the
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