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Week 4- LT Project Plan
University of Phoenix
Consulting Plan

Week 4- LT Project Plan
The goal for Team A in week two was the continuation of the team project proposal. This next phase in the evaluation includes an outline of the project scope, project risk management plans, and contingency plans. Also included in this project plan is the project budget and strategies to execute this plan. The learning team will not only highlight these areas but include specific details around these outlined topics.
Project Scope
Company Mission, Values, and Objectives Starbucks mission is a visionary statement that outlines the company’s objectives as follows: “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one
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This model assumes that the relevant industry is limited to the industry competitors within the coffee segment.

Potential for new entrants - The primary prevention to entrance are higher barriers within industry with the threats of new entrants as competitors (Porter, 1998).

Substitute Products – The threat of substitute products poses a potential threat to Starbucks as competitors with like products offer similar products to capture the market.

Bargaining Power of Buyers - The force of the buyer’s bargaining power can reduce prices and demand higher quality products and services (Porter, 1998).

Bargaining power of Suppliers - The specialty coffee industry threatens to promote the price of the beans in the production of coffee. The suppliers as small to medium-sized family-owned farms typically drive the price up by selling their crops to processors in the local markets, thus raising the consumer price (Porter, 1998).

Risk Management Plans Starbuck risk management process involves internal and external analysis. Financial risks involve exchange rate related to international sales, price risk for raw materials, and supplies. Operational risks for international business run the risks of employee turnover, inability to find skilled employees, business process risk, including managing its supply chain, and information technology risk in automating

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