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Professional Career Action Plan Suzanne Moore HCS/449 April 23, 2012 Terresa Randolph After four years of learning to be a college student and meeting the requirements of each of my instructors, it is time for me to prepare for graduation and the move onto my career dreams. The creation of my career action plan is one of the many steps I will take to assess my goals, abilities, skills, weaknesses, and likelihood of landing gainful employment. My career action plan can be considered a roadmap of my change from college student to career professional. The action plan roadmap can help me see the trail that takes me to understanding my professional goals, and the health care position I should look for. This Roadmap can also help me…show more content…
Medical auditing shares many of the responsibilities of a coding manager but without the an emphasis on personnel management as is seen in coding management fields. * Of the two fields my heart is in coding auditing, becoming a coding manager would be the icing on the cake (so to speak). * * Skills I have for this job * * To attain the goal of becoming a medical coding auditor there are a number of skills needed, many of which I have and some that I will gain in the next few years as part of my career action plan. The skills I currently have to meet the first part of my career goal (to become a medical coder) are: Basic computer skills, understanding of how to use Microsoft office software programs, knowledge of health care terminology, completion of an AHIMA accredited certification course for medical coding and billing, and professional communication skills. * * Skills I need to change, alter, or enhance * * Skills I need to enhance: brushing up of Microsoft Excel skills, completion of a Master’s degree in health care administration with an AHIMA accredited university. Once these goals are attained, I can earn a Registered Health Information Administrator certification (RHIA) or a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) certification, and current work experience in health care administration. * * My Plan for ultimately achieving these professional goals
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