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Animation legend Walt Disney once said, “Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.” This quote rings especially true with Disney-Pixar’s Up. Pete Docter, the director of Up, is able to use multiple tactics to display human emotions throughout the film including music and silence, lighting and colors, and 3-D filming. The efficacy of these tactics will be further analyzed to see if their use yields value to the production as a whole. The melodious instrumentals that accompany Up have the ability to plunge the audience deeper into the fantastic animated environment. The composer of the soundtrack for Up, Michael Giacchino, …show more content…
This is perfectly exemplified by the second portion of the films interlude, in which a montage of Carl and Ellie’s married life is portrayed, supplemented by Giacchino’s simple waltz. The waltz is originally upbeat and whimsical as scenes of Carl and Ellie’s cute married life flash by, including picnics, homemaking, and clouds that inspire child birth. The tempo then slows and becomes depressing as the couple goes through the pains of a miscarriage. Carl is able to cheer Ellie up by renewing the prospect of adventure in their lives by bringing up Paradise Falls. The music once again takes up an optimistic note as the couple saves their change in a glass jar labeled “Paradise Falls”. Due to little accidents here and there the couple never really accumulates much money. After displaying years of precious moments to an upbeat tone, the waltz slows a little, as Carl realizes age taking its effects on Ellie. Right before Carl is able to take Ellie on the trip they’ve always dreamed of, she is stricken with illness and hospitalized. The music becomes tremendously slow and very moving as Ellie dies, leaving Carl a widow. This five minute clip with the help of music "elicits tears as efficiently as if a cloud of mace had been released into the theater (Stevens). Many top critics feel that this scene rivals with many other red carpet greats:
The absence of words suggests that Mr. Docter and the co-director Bob Peterson, with whom he wrote the

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