Up Into Smoke : The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

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Up In Smoke: The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal
Jim D. Thomas
Instructor: K. Ryan Kane
MAN224—Business Law 11/6/2016
Stevens-Henagar College

From 2009 through 2014, Volkswagen aggressively marketed and promoted their diesel-powered vehicles as more energy-efficient and producing less harmful emissions than before. Customers were promised that diesel was a more efficient alternative to traditional gasoline, and that it had great benefits for customers looking for a “greener” alternative.
Soon independent laboratories began to call into question the touted emission numbers, showing that tests in their labs did not match results that Volkswagen was claiming. This escalated to a worldwide scandal, resulting in unprecedented investigations and lawsuits.
Analysis would soon prove that not only was there a problem with their systems, but that Volkswagen itself had a problem going all the way to the top executives. Up in Smoke: The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal
The saying goes, ‘If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” We regularly see people and businesses making flamboyant statements to make their product appear more appealing. They promise that their product is better than the others, the best deal, and the most for your money. The automotive industry is no exception. Imagine trying to promote the newest car or truck by saying it is “good enough”, you probably wouldn’t sell very many of them.
The world of business is highly competitive, rapidly…
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