Up-Tempo Motown Genres: Music Analysis

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For this module the main task was to take two pieces of music from one genre and convert them into another. The pieces of music that were given were Summertime Blues and The Wind Cries Mary; the resulting conversions were to be in the Pop Reggae and Up-Tempo Motown Genres, which were stipulated in the brief given. The methodology involved was to first list and identify key memorable factors within the original song. Next was to investigate songs within the target genre and analyse what it's individual stylistic requirements were, in other words what are the musical ingredients that make up the target genre. Following this, these genre specific musical ingredients were applied to the original song, incorporating any key components of the original song that were deemed important. Following this, it was necessary to rehearse these songs, get feedback from the other members on their individual, assimilate this information and make any amendments as necessary. Part of the exam process was to hand in a Sibelius printout and also perform the converted piece. In the following sections I will be discussing various aspects of the process and analyse my own performance of the task and any skills I have gained.
The Brief The brief was quite specific on what the
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This was partly due to the fact that I treated them as a Live Performance Workshop. Being comfortable on stage also facilitated me to aid the other guitarist in the group if he struggled and lost his location on the manuscript. This, I feel, enabled the music to be played more successfully.
When initially researching I found I spent quite a long time deciding if as song was in the correct sub-genre. As I gained experience I become more fluid with my decision making. With continued exposure to this process, I will become more rapid at deciding if the criteria of the specified sub-genre is being met with the music I am listening to.
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