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Shawna Upchurch EDUC 205 Learning Theories Paper August 14, 2014 Behaviorism Behaviorism is one of the most used theories in education. Due to it can fit in both a classroom setting and at home. Educators had sought out the reason why for many years. But due to each child learns a different way so should the educator. Behaviorism was study by many great Psychologists over the years. Just to name some that had done work and publish books on the subject are, John Watson, Ivan Pavlov, Clark Hull, and B.F. Skinner. Behaviorism is defined as,” a school of psychology that takes the objective evidence of behavior (as measured responses to stimuli) as the only concern of its research and the only basis of its theory without reference to…show more content…
The same website goes on to speaking about the classic and operant conditioning. "Classic conditioning occurs when a natural reflex responds to a stimulus. We are biologically 'wired ' so that a certain stimulus will produce a specific response." (On Purpose Associates, para. 5) We as human beings are all different but we each can learn the different from right and wrong just as Pavlov had taught the dogs. "Behavioral or operant conditioning occurs when a response to a stimulus is reinforced. Basically, operant conditioning is a simple feedback system: If a reward or reinforcement follows the response to a stimulus, then the response becomes more probable in the future." (On Purpose Associates, para. 6) If the behavior is good or bad and if that behavior was either rewarded or punish then it would be more likely kept in the minds of the child. As it can be seen behaviorism is a major part of any classroom. For if one student acts out then the rest might get the idea that they can also act out in class and not receive punishment for it. It is also good to have a classroom management in place. Classroom management is also called behavior management. As it states in A Beginning Teaching Portfolio Handbook, “For these teachers, motivated students are those who do what they are told to do when they are told to do it.” (Foster,Walker,Song, pg. 99, para. 9) Which means when a

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