Upcomng Advances in 3D Printing

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3D printing is a means of revolutionising almost any and all aspects of life. The potential to bringing into the physical world anything that can be conceived in the mind (and created on a computer) brings a myriad of variety ; expanding markets and capabilities, whether new or improving products and processes that are already in practice. 3D printers are falling in price as the technology improves and the want for them increases making the ability to create anything domestically more practical , this would allow for an influx of material that would be hard to control or monitor, this can include guns, weapons and equipment for drugs manufacture along with the mundane domestic items like faucets, plugs or pots. Such a possibility would involve the morals of the manufacturer and the ethics of the wider collective that have an input on the advancements, though there are other limitations that play a part in the progression of 3D printing that are independent of ethics. As the technology and concept has the potential to create anything, it doesn’t not yet have the capability to do so therefore the anticipation of the possibilities is the only preparation the 3D printing industry can do, as a result I shall conduct an investigation looking at the extent of ethical and moral influences as well as physical and scientific limitations and how they could limit any potential advancements, in accordance with the resulting benefits from some upcoming advancements in

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