Updating Positive And Negative Stimuli

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Author: Sara M. Levens and Ian H. Gotlib Year Published: 2010 Title of Article: Updating Positive and Negative Stimuli in Working Memory in Depression Name of Journal: Journal of Experimental Psychology: General Volume of Journal: 139 No. 4 Pages of Article: 654-664 The research question of this article, Updating Positive and Negative Stimuli in Working Memory in Depression, is based on the working memory (WM) is the key factors of cognition and emotion principles of the mind. In the study that was taken by Levens and Gotlib in 2010, was based on the ability to renew and undo information with the WM. As we know, WM only gives a limit access to certain components in the cognitive process. But how do depressed people process negative information after it is caught to their attention and submitted in WM. Everyday people continuously process information like solving problems, making goals, and learning based on significant information while using their with emotion. In the article, it was said that, “Despite the fact that the contents of WM directly affect mood …difficulties in adaptively updating emotional content in WM may underlie the development and perpetuation of mood disorders such as major depressive disorder (MDD).”(P.654) (Levens and Gotlib, 2010) For instance, when someone is reviewing a college loan or writing a thesis for their senior college paper, the emotions and contents of WM are continuously changing due to replacements by receiving new memories over

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