Upk Room Rugs

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the Days of the Week Song, for the children to look at the repetition of word while singing. Another great way literacy was used in the UPK room was a book was read to the children then an art project was created to represent the literacy the children listened to. The cover of the book was hung up with the art project on the wall and numbers were even displayed on the wall to go along with the amount of food the hungry ate, for counting. Another similar item found in the classrooms was spanish and english words, they were written on the cabinets to let the children know what is behind them. What should have been included with this, is a picture to give a clearer idea of what the words actually means. In the UPK room the rugs did not have literacy like they did in the fist room of observation. In The Effie-Bennett Powe Center the rugs had Spanish and English on it. This is two different ways to show the use of different language for diversity. Shape…show more content…
Shelfs were labeled with what is inside of them along with children's cubbies. In the UPK room two classes take place in this room throughout the day. The younger class has a picture of the child with their name to help with literacy, while the other class does not because they have already learned their names. The two classes names are written on two different color paper. Another important literacy element found was a list of events that would take place in the children's day this was found in both the UPK room and the other center. A welcome sign was shown by the entrance to the classroom along with important information in bold large letters. Names of the teachers and their pictures are displayed, showing that literacy is found in names as well. Unlike The Effie-Bennett Powe Center the UPK classroom has a computer center for more literacy enrichment games. CDs are in the classroom that promote singing, using listening
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