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Self-Assessment Assignment xxxxxx Kaplan University Unit 3 HW410 Stress: Critical Issues in Management and Prevention Self-Assessment Assignment Even before modern day psychologist such as Freud and Maslow coined the ideas of the ego, id, and hierarchy of needs the Tibetan culture had arrived at the basest ideas of stress and peace. It is from our recent psychologist and their ever-continuing research on stress and the human mind that we learn more about the intricacies of the human brain. Though different in their own ways, each view by different psychologist has some common ground, and through them, we have learned of several different ways to manage and cope with fear in our shrinking world. There is much to be…show more content…
These defenses are real, if not primitive in nature (fight or flight), and are a necessary part to protect our minds in dealing with stress. It is important that we hone our abilities to protect ourselves because it is believed that our inner strengths and resources that we have learned are thought to be the most effective in dealing with stress in today’s world. Fear, an intensive form of anxiety, can be crippling in nature to some people. It is important that we overcome our fears to be able to grow and mature. There are three main ways in which we can manage or resolve fear: behavioral therapy, systematic desensitization, and exposure desensitization. Behavioral therapy was introduced by John B. Watson, a behavioral psychologist, and involved an individual alternating engagements in coping and relaxation techniques to help desensitize that person to the stressors (Seaward, 2015). Systematic desensitization involves the anxious person learning to de-stress from the fear in small, piecemeal increments through which they always feel in control. Exposure desensitization, on the other hand, occurs when the individual is introduced to the real stressor is brief and save encounters with the stressor. Through combinations of the three different ways to

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