Upon Inspection, The First Two Coolers I Opened Were Filled

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Upon inspection, the first two coolers I opened were filled with muscle. It had been wrapped tightly in aluminum foil and placed in Ziploc baggies, a layer of ice at the bottom of the coolers kept spoilage at bay. The next two coolers were filled with more meat and someone’s organs. The aroma was powerful, like a high-quality steak mixed in with the irony smell of liver. I knew it was wrong, but it made me salivate all the same. I wanted to try it, but I had to stay focused. Even a tiny taste of any of this meat would lead to biting off a chunk of it, followed by surely beginning to devour it, and before I would know it, I would be just like Elliot, Jeff, and Calvin, a mindless monster forever on the prowl for its next meal. The…show more content…
“Could you put the paper down, Peter?” she asked. “Eckhart and I would like to have a little chat.” I did as she had asked and then waited for her line of questions that would surely follow, my mind already coming up with a series of excuses for what I’ve been up to recently that I knew were running thin. “Your bracelet seems to be stationary quite often these days, is everything all right?” she asked and almost managed to sound sincere. “Just fine,” I told her. “Taken up reading a lot more these days, so that’s probably why you see me not getting around too much. Once I get myself locked into a story, I can stay catatonic all day.” “That’s good,” Swan responded while sharing a look with Eckhart. “Reading really helps to keep the mind active,” she then said. “I wish I found more time to read.” “Well, maybe you shouldn’t work so hard then,” I quipped, mildly suggesting she shouldn’t come around so much. “Hmm,” she uttered. “Maybe, I’ll use up some of my accrued vacation time soon. But, that’s for another time. Right now, why don’t you let Agent Eckhart here have a look at your bracelet so he can make sure everything is in working order?” “Sure, thing,” I accepted putting my leg up on the kitchen table and then pulling up my pant leg exposing the device. Eckhart sat down in the chair across from me. He then opened a little satchel

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