Upper Class And Lower Class

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American Class Perspectives Essay – Option 1 The American class system, which is comprised of: the lower class, middle class, and upper class is divided up by power and the ability to control situations around us. With slavery abolished and racism on the decline, there still remains a link between the predominate race in the upper class and lower class of America. The upper class is comprised of mostly privileged white Americans and the lower class is comprised of predominantly minority’s. The hierarchy of this wealth distribution must break down in order to reassemble in a fashion that benefits all members of all classes in this country. One key factor that is often attributed to success is education; therefore, educating all members of society to a similar baseline could right the offset that the lower class and upper privileged class currently have. Marginalized Society Part of the issue that modern society has with power distribution is the desire to marginalize those who strive to take it away. Confining the boundaries of power distribution fractures the possibility upward mobility and creates large walls rather than lines that can be crossed from one class to another (Fiske-Rusciano, 2013). Herein lies the prejudice and discrimination; consequently, if a small Mom and Pop shop has a successful business, any children of the couple would likely have a greater opportunity to take over as a family member rather than a more qualified outsider. The discrimination may seem
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