Upper Classes Are a Nation's Past; the Middle Class Is Its Future

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“Upper classes are a nation's past; the middle class is its future.” This quote was written by Ayn Rand. The meaning of this quote is that the upper class was important in the past, but now in the future, the middle class will be the important class.It relates to the story because in Russia during this time period, the upper class was the important class and the lower class had no rights. Anton Chekhov is the author of “The Bet”, “The Lottery Ticket”, and “Oh! The Public”. Anton was from Russia and in the three stories he represents Russia from 1881 to 1896. He also slides in his life experiences and things that had to do with him in his stories. The theme, class structure, is shown in the stories “Oh! The Public, The Bet, and The Lottery…show more content…
“The Lottery Ticket” made the two main characters feel as in they were part of the other two classes, which they were not. Anton Chekhov made these stories to represent how Russia was at the time, showing the class structures that they had, and what the different classes did. In the story “The Bet”, it shows how the higher class was. The higher class would do silly things and things that weren’t important with their money. Since they were rich they didn’t care what they would spend their money on. In this story, the banker makes a bet with a lawyer, to see if he can resist in prison for fifteen years, and the banker wouldn’t win anything out of it, so he didn’t care what he wasted his money on. In the story “Oh! The Public”, it shows how the different classes would treat each other. If you were in the lower class you could do nothing about what the middle and higher class did to you. The higher class treated the lower class with no respect and to the middle class with a little respect. The middle class treated the lower class worse than how the upper class treated the working poor. As you see in this story, the invalid, who was a middle class person, treated Podtyagin, who was the ticket collector, with no respect. All Podtyagin wanted to do was his job, which was collect the passenger’s tickets. The invalid made his job hard, because he would just complain and not give Podtyagin his ticket. “The

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