Upper Paleolithic Era: Development of Homo Sapiens Essay

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When and why did Homo Sapiens begin to grow into a thriving population that have produced both cognitive and technological advances? No one knows for certain and because of this question countless amounts of people have decided to become anthropologists. Anthropology is defined as, “the study of human beings and their ancestors through time and space and in relation to physical character, environmental and social relations, and culture(Merriam-Webster). Despite all of the time and effort that anthropologists have put into discovering the correct response, the answer to this question is constantly changing because population, cognitivity and technology are constantly changing too. One way to determine how these factors affect Homo Sapiens…show more content…
During the last part of the stone age Homo Sapiens created the; bow and arrow, the spear-thrower, sewn clothing, the harpoon, as well as discovering break-through in the creation and usage of blades and burins. These technological advancements created a better life for the Homo Sapiens. For example, a bow and arrow as well as the spear-thrower allowed them to hunt from afar and catch prey unaware. Sewn clothing allowed the Homo Sapiens to adapt to their environments. The harpoons that were created were used in tandem with the spear-thrower to cast at large mammal prey(stone). The blade technology magnified what could be produced with, “straight cutting edges for use by themselves or as part of compound tools while using very little raw material(Upper).” It also opened the floodgates to creating burins, which were rocks that possessed, “a sharp, angled point formed when a small flake is struck obliquely from the edge of a larger stone flake(stone).” From burins small, purposeful tools such as the bone needle could be procured. Tools such as these made life easier because they allowed objects to be sewn together to withstand harsh conditions. These advances both technologically and cognitively developed because of the problems that Homo Sapiens faced in their overall development. As a population they continued to grow ever larger and need to harvest more

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