Uprooting terrorism in Pakistan Essay

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Decision-making process in antiterrorism has gone through a long way in Pakistan. From being merely a national initiative to one that weakens bilateral and international responsibilities of a state. The definition of terrorist acts has also broadened over the years and so has the legal implements to prosecute such acts. Legally the state is well equipped to deal with the terrorism, but due to incompetency in infrastructure, resources and friction between stakeholders, it has been unsuccessful in uprooting terrorism.
The major inconsistencies in Policymaking exist between the military regimes and the democratic governments. Military regimes followed a more “mono-faceted approach” that relied exclusively on the use of force.
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The role of civil society and media in showing viability of anti-terrorism efforts in Pakistan has yet to be utilized to its full potential. The actions carried out by governments are often labeled as means to gratify the external powers, specifically the U.S. Thus the dilemma remains how to suffocate terrorists politically, morally, socially and legally?
Role of the Urban Planner
In the realm of urban planning, anti-terrorism struggles need rational prioritization. These efforts include elements of design, structural hardening, technology and operational policies, to help prevent, mitigate and facilitate a desired response in the event of a terrorism attack (Coaffee, 2003; FEMA, 2003; Kozlow and Sullivan, 2000; Nadel,2004). The analysis by which security needs are defined is referred in many sources as risk assessment. Which consist of; (1) threat analysis which defines the level of threat to a facility by evaluating the intent, motivation, and possible tactics of potential offenders;(2) asset analysis that identifies and prioritizes the asset to be protected according to its nature, value, location and how, when, and by whom it is accessed and used; and (3) vulnerability analysis which defines the weaknesses of a facility in its design, construction, operation and location (AIA, 2001). The foundation to the modern crime prevention
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