Ups Business Plan

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About UPS In today globalise fast paced economy; many companies do not have the internal resources necessary to hire the top talents needed to succeed in the marketplace. With the constant pressure to reduce costs and focus on core competencies, many companies are replying on outsource providers. Identifying, attracting and retaining top talents require a Partner with the resources and vision to proactively match the expertise available in the marketplace with the needs of your business. It takes a Partner dedicated to bring talent and opportunity together while maximising the impact of the recruitment investment. Thus, United Personnel Service (UPS) was incorporated in the year 2005 by three partners. The main partner is Mr.…show more content…
This marketing plan will be jointly prepare by Patrick and his partners and this plan will be able to let them know UPS market plan and enable them to leads UPS to the next level. Marketing Plan Singapore business environment is a very competitive regardless of which industry. There are more than 200 employment agencies offering the same services like UPS. UPS and Patrick will require a marketing strategy that insures a consistent approach to offer their service in a way that outsells the competition is critical. However, in concert with defining the market strategy Patrick and his partners must also have a well defined methodology for the day to day process of implementing it. It will be of little value if Patrick lack either of the resources or the expertise to implement it. There are two major components to Patrick and his partners marketing strategy: 1. How UPS will address the competitive marketplace? 2. How Patrick and his partners will implement and support UPS day to day operations? In the process of creating a marketing strategy Patrick and his partners must consider many factors. Of those many factors, some are important than others. Each strategy must address some unique considerations, it is not reasonable to identify every important factor at a generic level. However, many are common to all marketing strategies. Patrick and his partners can begin the creation of his strategy by deciding what the overall objectives of UPS should
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