Ups Competitive Advantage

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UPS’S Competitive Advantage Instructor Cretson Dalmadge MIS 3360-W1 February 3, 2010 In order for an organization to be more competitive, it’s imperative for them to stay abreast of the latest technology. “The early 1990’s marked the start of another era of change at UPS (United Parcel Service of America inc, 1994).” Technological Change was necessary to accommodate the increased volume of packages. This paper will explore the challenges faced by the business along with the network functionalities and the benefits that the changes in technology contributed. Organizations are constantly striving to gain a competitive advantage. UPS faced adversity during the transition from manual operations to electronic transmissions.…show more content…
UPS’s transformation to the future is successful because of its competence to give customers quality service while continuing to service as many clients that want to be serviced. This device has proven to be a success for UPS because customers are able to get real-time information on delivery status and great reliability as a result of the back-up system. In 1998, UPS changed its “purpose” in the company charter to, “We enable global commerce (mobileinfo, 1999).” Therefore, UPS technology upgrade was a benefit for the company to give it a competitive edge. Through the upgrade UPS was able to accommodate the volume of customers and their demand for delivered packages. UPS accessed the Industry, recognized the need for change, and responded with a device that met their technological needs. Although UPS might have faced some challenges with the implementation of the device; however, they prevailed and is still one of Americas top choice delivery company. If UPS hadn’t taken the initiative to computerize their technology, UPS would not be as successful as it is today. The implementation of the DIAD board and the PAS system has helped UPS to function efficiently and to stay in the mainstream of the technological race. Even though there were challenges to implement the devices that revolutionize the package
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