Ups Of Indi A Package Deal

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UPS in India – A package Deal
The United Parcel Service is the largest package delivery company in the world. They have worked for over 108 years to gain this title. states that the current strategy is “Create Value, Transform, and Invest to Grow”. This is a major reason that UPS currently has the competitive advantage over other shipping companies. It is also the reason that the company strives to become better at what they do every day.
The Company currently known as United Parcel Service, founded in 1907 by Claud Ryan and Jim Causey two teenagers with a big idea and not much money. They started the venture by running errands, carrying notes, and local deliveries by foot. As time passed and technology grew the company evolved into delivering packages. Very quickly “Merchants Parcel Delivery” built a strong reputation based on customer service and the care that they gave to each package. In 1919, they became “United Parcel Service”, and started domestic expansion. By the 1920s UPS was changing in response to their external environment. They soon started offering unique features such as daily pickups. During the time leading up to World War II, the United States suffered a major fuel shortage. Retailers started to encourage customers to carry their parcels home and not ship them. United Parcel Service shifted strategy to expand their retail store services. The next strategy change was to pursue the common carrier right. After many legal battles, in 1975 the

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