Ups Promotes Diversity Within Its Company

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John Martin, a 30 year Senior Business Continuity Analyst at UPS, feels that the issue begins with the entry level employees (Martin, personal interview, 2016). The employees are not given a baseline of expectations that they need to follow. This has led to costly retraining of the new millennial employees at the company (Martin personal interview, 2016). The last manager that the writer interviewed, Gary Overstreet, expressed concerns over the lost control of HR costs, and the repetition of many of the same ongoing HR issues that have led to company lawsuits (Overstreet personal interview, 2016). UPS promotes diversity within its company literature. United Parcel Service describes diversity as impacting its company on a global aspect. Diversity is a key issue in many of UPS’s human resource issues. The web link to the company’s diversity statements will allow the writer to determine specific diversity issues and how they impact the selected company (UPS, 2012). Diversity between the generations is impacting companies in a way that is splitting companies apart (Mhatre & Conger, 2011). There is a gap that is not mended could cause irreparable harm. Each generation has different interpretations of missions, goals and rules to the point that communication is shutting down (Mhatre & Conger, 2011). Technology has assisted the company in expanding globally, but it has also served as a nemesis with the rapid expansion of social media. Venters, Green, and Lopez…
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