Ups Research Paper

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Strategic Analysis for UPS 4
Organizational Plan for UPS 4
Companies 5
Services 6
The Marketing Plan for UPS 11
Whiteboard Campaign 11
NASCAR Campaign 11
The Operating Plan for UPS 12
Global Trade 13
Infrastructure 14
Customs 14
The Financial Plan for UPS 15
Results 15
Cash Position 16
Supporting Documents 16
Awards 18
Conclusion 18
References 19

Executive Summary

In 1907, a 19 year old entrepreneur James E. Casey and his partner developed a business for the Seattle, Washington area that provided quality messenger services. Within a century, the company managed to globalize the industry of delivery services along with a name many have
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and beyond. They cover all parts of the world, as well as operating international air hubs in Miami, Hamilton, Cologne, Taipei, and the Philippines.
UPS Freight consists of four divisions:
AIR- which is ideal for time-sensitive or high-value shipments
LTL & TRUCKLOAD- which is ideal for regional, interregional, long haul less-than-truckload services OCEAN- which offers frequent sailings to & from major ports worldwide
Through all their combined interests, their common goal is to continue their international expansion.
UPS also offers many services, including UPS Capital, UPS Consulting, UPS Logistics, UPS Professional Services, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, and UPS Mail Innovations.
UPS Capital offers businesses worldwide the opportunity to integrate supply chain financing and supply chain management. With an array of financial services designed to help your business participate fully in the growing global economy. The addition of financial services provides resources for companies to enhance their competitive advantage by leveraging the supply chain - the flow of goods, information, and funds - through one single global service provider: UPS. UPS Capital focuses on delivering financial services to small, middle market and international companies.
UPS Consulting is the division that offers a vast array of services and industry solutions available from UPS Supply Chain Solutions that can give a company its

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