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Upstate Canning Corporation, Inc
Case Study

A. Conclusion and Statement of Case Situation

Mr. Shields’ should accept Mr. Fordham’s proposal in relation to the acquisition of Upstate Canning Company, Inc. In this case, Mr. Shields attempts to conclude if he should acquire the company from its owner, Mr. Fordham, using his personal savings of $35,000 in addition to an investment of $65,000 from his associates. Moreover, Mr. Fordham proposes that he will loan Mr. Shields’ $300,000 worth of income bonds, to be repaid in up to 10 years. Mr. Fordham provides Mr. Shields’ with a bond repayment schedule which allows Mr. Shields’ to repay the bonds at a discount if he meets the wishes to repay the bonds back early. Mr. Shields’ faces a
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Even though Mr. Fordham mentions that he in his “Statement of Cost of Goods Manufactured for Year Ended Dec. 31 1956” that he depreciated $24,000 of Plant and Equipment, I decided to change the depreciation schedule so that PP&E would be fully depreciated by the end of the 5 year period. Thus, I used a straight-line depreciation schedule that accumulated $40,000 worth of depreciation per year, which was spread evenly across the 12 months of this Balance Sheet (or $3,333.33 per month).

(1) PP&E- The original value of the PP&E received by Mr. Shields, constant at $200,000. (2) Accumulated Depreciation- This account accumulates the depreciation over the course of the 12 months. As mentioned above, the appraisal value of PP&E is referred to as “PP&E, net”, which is the original value of $200,000 minus the accumulated depreciation for each month.

vi) Goodwill- The beginning balance for Goodwill was determined by finding the difference between Total Assets and Total Liabilities at the beginning . Goodwill accounts for all the intangible assets that were transferred from the old company to the new company, including brand name, as well as a premium paid for the company. Goodwill was not amortized in this model.

vii) Total Assets- The sum of all assets.
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