Upton Sinclair 's The Jungle

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America is a great and beautiful country, but the path for us to get where we are today was not easy, but in fact, there lied stories with painful, tears, sadness and beating heart of every soul. We could tell this through our history classes, but to fully understand the feelings and colors of these hard periods, we must learn from the people who lived in those days. And today, we will travel back through time and meet the author of “The Jungle”, Upton Sinclair, who will help us to open our eyes how everything was chaos and improved in the Progressive Era. And in that book, we can also see many faces and colors of the social American world had back then. Thanks to Upton Sinclair, because he drew a painting about things worked in the Progressive Era, we could imagine how and live back when America was in the Progressive Era. Upton Sinclair was a muckraker who examined the rise of industry and the abuses that had often led to the accumulation of large fortunes. Upton Sinclair’s book, “the Jungle”, described the unsanitary practices of the meat-packing industry. Because Upton Sinclair had a very complicated childhood, this allowed him to see the insight of how the poor people and the rich people lived in the late nineteenth century. And living in two social types of family, this affected him, and it lead to great influence to his book. When Upton Sinclair grew up, he developed to so many careers such as: a writer, novelist, journalist,…

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