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Feasibility Study sa One UptownCondominium Inihanda nila: Aya Mae Aaron Roncan Comintan John Bryan Omar John Ryan Cinense Karl Guapo Inihanda Para Kay: Mdm. Aurora Flores Promoter We are the representatives of MegaWorld Corporation. I am Aya Mae Aaron currently working at Megaworld Corporation with the position of Sales Manager. I graduated as a nursing student from the start but made my way to the world of sales as my first job due to lack of jobs provided to nurses in the country. At first, I started having problems selling real estate properties but with hard work and sheer determination, I made my way to the top of my chosen career and now reaping the fruit of my success. These are my assistants : Roncan Comintan ,…show more content…
Who are intended to buy your product? One Uptown is not only intended for the Metro Manila residents, but open to all customers who are willing to invest or to buy our condominium. In a 3 years it was accomplished with 45 story building. Who are your customers ? Our customers are usually businessman, employees of the companies here in Global City, people who wants to invest for their future. Honestly, this type of people is the target of our company. Uptown Condominiums are made of high class materials. Materials that are produce by our country and most of the times from other countries. We really make it sure that our condominiums are perfect for our customers. We hired professional workers that are qualified in their position. Strengths: * The One Uptown is a project of MegaWorld Corporation , the Philippines’ largest residential condominium developer and business process out sourcing office developer and land lord. * The One Uptown condominium has it’s own mall. It has an underground walk way at one uptown’s basement level. * The location of this condominium is located nearest to the hospitals, schools and even retail shops and malls. * We have good services and amenities Weaknesses * There are alot of companies who are the competence of our company. * Other companies give low price of the condominiums. One Uptown is generally made by the professional workers in the country. We do really

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