Uranus: A New Objects In The Solar System

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Before the discovery of Uranus there was thought to only be seven heavenly bodies, the Sun, the moon, and five planets. It was common knowledge at the time that they were the only other objects in the Solar System and there would be no others. It changed in 1781 when William Herschel discovered a new object, which later became known as Uranus. (Teerikorni, 111) This all began in 1773 when Herschel started grinding his own lenses and even mounting a mirror with a five and a half foot focal length. He continued in 1776 with larger telescopes. “In July he added a 20ft, and telescopes of 7, 10 and 20 feet becames his common working instruments for some years to come.” (Bennet, 75-76) All of this tinkering eventually led to the discovery of a new
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