Urban Areas Of Rural Areas

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Over the years, there has been a very high movement from rural to urban areas and this has made it difficult to improve as well as sustain development in rural areas. The arrival of civilization brought about urbanization. Civilization is the height of man’s inventions as a means of raising his standard of living. Man believes in high-living and indeed obtains much pleasure in the company of other fellow men. People agglomerate in cities to be able to communicate person to person, person to firm person to government. Urban areas constitute the development potential of the state, the rural areas have been neglected in terms of development opportunities. With the declining attitudes that existed in the rural areas the rural dwellers are attracted to the urban areas to benefits from better paying jobs, qualitative supply of basic amenities, highs level of commercial, recreational and industrial activities.
Rapid urban population growth and physical expansion are very serious physical planning problem such as poor physical layout places like Ajegunle and Makoko in Lagos. Also, these include in the list; mass transit problem inadequate supply of housing, water and other basic social services. Embarking on rural development and sustainability is very important, considering the fact that more than two-third of the Nigeria’s population is living in rural areas, and they experience a lot of misery, poverty, morbidity
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