Urban Community Gardens

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Urban areas are known for their large underprivileged minority populations. The word ‘urban’ has become synonymous with the phrase “inner city”. These reality of terms have been further strengthened by “white flight” which is defined as “the departure of whites from places (such as urban neighborhoods or schools) increasingly or predominantly populated by minorities” (Merriam-Webster). Urban and inner city are often used to describe people who are lazy and insolent. This feeds directly into harmful stereotypes about minority populations, such as Black men being unintelligent and lazy human beings who leave their families dependent on welfare. However, the use of the word “urban” has also invaded popular culture, causing it to be synonymous with the struggle of Black culture. For example, “urban music” means genres that are primarily created or popularized by Black people and generates billions of entertainment dollars. Urban has become a vital thread in society and identified by many as overcoming obstacles to achieve wealth and status. The “urban” community garden has that same potential. Urban community gardens provide more then food in the minority…show more content…
Many community gardens have taught the youth about healthy eating as well as the importance of community and stewardship. They also offer a low-cost out of school activity which can help to keep them busy through work that is both educational and physically exerting. A specific example of such a garden is “Harlem Grown” located in uptown Manhattan, New York. Harlem Grown’s mission is to inspire youth to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition. Harlem Grown also operates local urban farms which are intended to increase access to healthy food for local residents. The program also raises support for the reclamation of abandoned lots to create urban
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