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UNIT THREE CRIMINOLOGY PROJECT | URBAN & RURAL CRIME | | | | Elaine Lawrence | 23/4/2012 | |


This project is going to look at urban crime and rural crime and how it differs. It will look at statistics for crime in urban and rural areas and see whether there is any difference. There is research put forward by criminologists to suggest that crime is higher in urban to that of rural areas.
The project will be using secondary research as there might be ethical issues into conducting primary research. Secondary research is where the researcher uses research already available to them, by other researchers. Primary research is where the researcher conducts their own research.
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For example, the number of sex crimes recorded by rural forces leapt by 56 per cent between 1998/9 and last year, compared with an 11 per cent rise across England and Wales.
Rural areas recorded a 37 per cent increase in robberies, nearly double the rate of increase for the country as a whole.
Overall, violent crime in the 13 force areas rose by 80 per cent over the decade, compared with a 68 per cent average rise throughout England and Wales.
The discrepancy was also shown in "violence against the person", which was up 84 per cent in rural areas, an increase four percentage points higher than the national picture. Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, said: "All of this just underlines how overstretched some of our smaller police forces are, and how important it is to get rid of as much of the bureaucracy that ties them to their desks as possible.
"It also shows that the social challenges we face aren 't just limited to urban Britain. We desperately need a fresh approach to dealing with these problems."
Some individual rural forces recorded steep increases in certain crime types over the 10-year period.
Gloucestershire recorded a 143 per cent rise in total violent crime, including a 165 per cent rise in violence against the person, while in
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