Urban Crime: as Portrayed in Mystic River

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In the movie “Mystic River”, directed by Clint Eastwood it focuses on three boys that grew up in the streets of Boston. The urban environment that they grew up in as children directly impacted their lives, as they got older. One big universal theme of the movies was urban crime; the movie displayed both sides of urban crime (the corrupt side as well as the investigators and law enforcement, also known as the “good side”). All of the urban crimes shown throughout this movie relate to the way the boys lives played out. Within their urban neighborhood there existed such a closed social community that it is hard to believe that Jimmy Markum, Sean Devine and Dave Boyle came to grow apart at all, but the urban crime that was such a big part of…show more content…
The final scenes of the movie play a big part of providing insight to the inner workings of an urban society. The fact that Sean is aware that Jimmy killed the wrong person (and a good friend from their childhood at that) and does not do anything about it even though he is supposed to follow the law being an investigator is interesting. Closed groups like this stick together and this just goes to show that even the good guys can often be corrupt in urban areas. Another scene shows Jimmy telling his wife that he made a mistake by killing Dave and not only does she not find fault with it, she justifies it. There is a wide acceptance of underground criminal activities that occur in urban communities, even with cops. In many places cops can be bribed or they are known to be friends with the criminals which is one of the reasons a lot of people get away with the crimes they commit so easily. Urban crime is represented, as a key element in the movie, “Mystic River”. It is also very typical for American cities to have higher crime rates than that of rural or suburban areas. Different areas have different cultures and ways of living that directly affect how people mature; in cities distinct cultures exist and segregation based on where people live (or their religion/ethnicity) is quite common. Many people end up living where they grew up which allows corruption to be passed down through the generations. There are a lot of politics and secrets that

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