Urban Decay in Hong Kong

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Due to the limited supply of land and transformation of economy, high-density development is needed. However, it may create various problems such as traffic congestion, pollution and poor urban design. Nowadays, Hong Kong faces a serious urban decay problem. There are over 3,000 buildings which are below standard and 110,000 families suffer from living in low-quality homes (Convocation of The University of Hong Kong, 2011). It is often difficult for the owners, in particular the elderly, who live in old urban districts like Sheung Wan, Wan Chai and Yau Ma Tei to carry out building maintenance. As a result, this report will first consider the reasons for causing urban decay and then it will explain the problems concerned. After that, it will suggest some solutions to deal with the urgency of urban decay in Hong Kong.

2. Causes of Urban Decay
Urban decay means a part of a city gradually falls into dilapidated and abandonment. The characteristics of urban decay usually contain high unemployment rates, high crime rates, depopulation, desolate-looking landscapes, abandonment of buildings and split families.
In order to easy access the work, the residents in the inner city are low-income group or new immigrants. Majority of the owners or wealthier people had moved out, therefore, the old pre-war buildings get worse because of poor maintenance.…

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