Urban Decline With Middle Class

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In addition, McDonald (1986) expressed the beginning notion of gentrification that indicated the urban decline with middle class individuals abruptly and surprisingly moving into neighborhood where crime rates were tremendously high. In the study, time- arrangement information from fourteen gentrified neighborhoods in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., were broke down to figure out whether gentrification had an impact on wrongdoing rates in focal city neighborhoods. The areas took after each other in natural or locational amenities, pulled in young middle- class professionals with nonfamily living arrangements, and encountered a quick valuation for property estimations. Extra components advanced a unique character to every area. Inquiry of crime gentrification prompts some inevitable lessening in individual crime rates however that it has not may be just temporary in gentrified neighborhoods. Crime may go about as an issue system to discourage neighborhood security bringing about gentrification (McDonald, 1986).
Lawrence (2013) promotes a theory that expresses the relationship between gentrification and violent crime rates, specifically in Washington, DC. Gentrification is a social marvel that includes center and privileged residents moving into the city area where vehement crime had at one time went about as an issue for keeping undesirable demographics out. An increment in requesting for housing by the higher salary inhabitants drives up the
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