Urban Development And Reconstruction Of Cities

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Contemporary cities face a dilemma in the modern world today; either they evolve in order to adapt to the challenges which globalization bring about, or simply refuse to change and stagnate. At present the global economy is at a fragile and unpredictable state, and for cities to continue to be competitive they are directing their attention towards their own historical, cultural, social, assets coupled with their own creative talents and spaces. The production, publication and campaign of such events as, festivals, exhibitions and championships are important factors of urban development and reconstruction of cities by way of economic prosperity, media coverage, image building and tourism. Nevertheless, cities need to weigh-in the factors of being an ‘eventful city’, which include, sustainability, security, the costs, interruptions and other social factors that comes with this strategic objective. Through time, cities have evolved and transformed themselves, with that the understanding of what cities are and their roles have also adapted “How cities are envisioned has effects. Urban designers and planners have ideas about how cities should look, function and be lived, and these are translated into plans and built environments..” (Bridge & Watson, 2001:350). During the medevel era, celebrations and events such as saints days or holy days (where the word ‘holiday’ is rooted from) and other festival celebrations played a key role in entertaining the population and diverting

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