Urban Development And Urban Areas

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INTRODUCTION This is the process by which the people are migrating from the rural area to urban area for the searching the employment opportunities. In the processes increases the number of people living in the cities among those people who are living in the rural areas. In the process the day to day become a number of the people increased those who are migrating from the rural area to urban areas. Most of the people are migrating from the rural to urban because of good quality of facilities provided by the State. The urbanization is begun during the industrial revolution when workers move the cities for the work in the factories. The United Nations report says that the half of the world population would live in urban areas at the end of the 2008. The Urbanization is basically connected to industrialization, modernization and sociological process of explanation. The term urbanization called the level of urban development related to urban development to overall population. The urbanization means develop those cities where the all kind of facilities are available for the daily life. Basically, in the urban cities all kind of good quality of facilities is provided by the states. The rural areas people are know that in the urban cities good quality of education, health facilities and better employment opportunities, are available so that the people are migrated from the rural and also saw in the urban area big industries are opening and they are providing the employment
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