Urban Dream Chasers

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Too often, police officers are a bad rap, especially when it concerns interactions with balck youth. However, on Saturday, April 23 during the Urban Dreams’ Dream Chasers 8K run and 2-mile walk, I witnessed an amazing demonstration of excessive use of compassion and concern by a group of Des Moines Police Officers.
During the walk, to upper elementary aged boys decided to divert from the walking route and run the 8K instead. Their father, yes these young black men we engaging in a positive and healthy activity with their father, allowed them to go run as he continued the walk with their two younger siblings.
As the last runners began to complete the course, the two boys had not appeared at the finish line. Once, the Des Moines Police Officers who were assigned to pace the race with their cars and direct traffic where alerted to the situations, they jumped into action.
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This is an example that I had to share, about respectable, compassionate, and caring community members that happen to be police officer who do their job the right way, thank you to those people and especially the one who were on duty for the Urban Dreams’ Dream Chasers community
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