Urban Education Research Paper

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Students are going into classrooms without being motivated to learn. Many students don’t have a reason or don’t know of any reason to be motivated. Throughout my years at school I never had a reason to do good in school or even want to do good. I never thought I would need school or even what I wanted to do after school. College hasn’t helped my motivation in the slightest I don’t feel I have many reasons if any to be motivated. Low motivation in school brings me to not care how I do or what I learn. Not knowing what I want to do and “just getting through school” unmotivated students to do well. While having friends that push you to do your work they it’s up to you to make sure your work is done and completed to the best of your effort. Motivation…show more content…
In the article “Perspectives on Urban Education” is states “the emotional feeling of anxiety that an activity or situation holds no significance”. This quote suggests that student’s boredom was mainly due to being disengaged from learning and the significance of school. Students feel detached from their schooling because of it seeming irrelevant to their major or career choices. Why should an art major need to take all these math classes if they will not be needing them? If a student is not very good at math and must take it to graduate it results in loss of motivation. A student needs motivation to do well in school and to complete their goals. When a student finds a certain class or topic irrelevant or boring they don’t give it their full effort and may not complete assignments like they would in a class they want to take. While having required classes such as English and math helps the student with those topics but if a student’s major or career path has nothing to do with those classes the student may drift away from trying there hardest or even trying at all. Boring curriculum enables students to stray away from what needs to be done and causes the student to have ill
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