Urban Geography: The Chicago Pilsen Neighborhood

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Urban Geography paper Chicago Pilsen neighborhood Urban Geography paper Chicago Pilsen neighborhood Executive Summary The traditional working class nature of Pilsen is presently endangered by the gentrification of this mainly Mexican-American locality. The Pilsen Alliance, a waged people's organization created in 1998, coupled with city geography classes at DePaul University to carry out a building list of Pilsen in order to spot and coordinate around issues connected to gentrification. Â What are trends that you have identified that are affecting this block? Property Values and Taxes The area has highly been affected by the raising taxes and other property values. The homeowners have had difficulties in buying and living in these houses because of the increased taxes. This is because the property values have gone high due to the demand causing increase in taxes. This rise is usually extended to the tenants by the landlords and they find themselves vacating the houses due to high rents. The landlords might sometimes be unable to pay the tax leading to a sell of the houses. Zoning This is when both land use and the building density gets regulate by the local government. This has attracted developers because most of the zones have been marked as under developed. Research shows that over 300 single families are in the under developed zones. This means that the developers can buy these single homes and build storey's that will accommodate many families without the

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